Life in Lockdown

OK, so I’m a bit late to the party… and when I say party, I mean sitting at home either at a computer or in front of the TV. Luckily we are still allowed to venture outside for some daily exercise which, thankfully, includes cycling.

I’ll be honest. I haven’t really taken advantage of this nearly as much as I should have done. Recently, stress levels have been through the roof (might have something to do with not cycling). Anyway, work has been crazy as we prepared for the whole company working from home as well as the business taking extra precautions to keep the company up and running.

On top of this, I’ve undertaken a new role, but haven’t quite managed to get rid of the old one yet, which pretty much means I’m working two jobs. So getting all of my work done, leaves little time to want to get out on the bike. My work life balance is somewhat unbalanced.

Enough of my excuses, it’s time I stopped complaining and started cycling again. Over the last few weeks, I have managed to get out a few times. Mainly after work, get a few quick miles under my belt. One plus side of working from home is that it doesn’t take long for me to close my laptop, get changed into my cycling gear and grab my bike.

I’ve mainly been out on the road bike given that most, if not all, bike parks are closed and driving somewhere to go cycling is currently a bit of a no no. Road cycling it is then.

It could be worse, I’ve never seen the roads so empty and clear of speeding cars and trucks. It’s really nice to be able to cycle along in the peace and quiet and not see a car in sight. It generally just makes for a more relaxed ride. The air also seems much cleaner.

It’s also nice to see so many other cyclists out, and it’s not just the usual enthusiasts, although they are out too. I’ve seen lots of families out, couples who have decided to go out on a bike as part of their daily exercise; some regretting it more than others.

We know the current situation is difficult, more for some than others. And yes, we don’t yet know how long it’s going to last but there are always silver linings to be found. One of them is to enjoy cycling to help destress, get out and enjoy life.

How have you been coping in lockdown?

Until next time.


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