A New Decade Begins!

Ok, so I’m a little bit late, but never the less, Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully, you’ve all had an excellent Christmas and celebrated the beginning of a new decade in style.

Let me begin by apologising as it’s certainly been a while since I last posted and there are several reasons for this. Some of which are personal, others are because I’ve been busy with other things, mainly work. But in reality, I’ve just been a bit lazy. However, I’m now back to it and feeling motivated to start riding and writing again.

About this time last year, I outlined the targets that I wanted to achieve for 2019. Overall, it all went rather well if I do say so myself. Some of which I hit (just) others, I blew out of the water. As a quick recap, I had challenged myself to ride a total of 1500 miles. This was the target that I only just managed. I was ahead of the pace for a while until we reached the colder months. At which point the miles crept up very slowly indeed.

I also tried to get the 50,000 feet of climbing. I thought I hadn’t managed to achieve this, until I double-checked my Strava account and found that, like the milage, I’d just managed it. I can’t quite believe it to be honest.

My final target for 2019 was to cycle 100 miles in one go. I’d signed up to a sportive up in the Yorkshire Dales which totalled 102 miles. I also decided that I wanted to raise money for it too and so it became my charity ride. Thank you, once again, to everyone who helped me to raise money and smashed my target.

So, looking to the future, what shall I challenge myself to do this year. Well, I think I’d still like to try and cover a minimum of 1500 miles, ideally hitting 2000 but as I did a distance target last year, I fancy aiming for something different this time. Maybe I’ll consider a target around mountain biking. Perhaps it’ll be being able to successfully clear doubles consistently? Or it could be about building my speed over a set distance? I could just keep it simple and go out and do some more natural trail riding out in the Peak District rather than always going to bike parks.

I think my first challenge will be getting back out there while the weather is still a bit miserable. One day I’ll have a home in Majorca and enjoy decent weather for more than 2 weeks of the year.

What’s everyone elses New Year targets?

Until next time.


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5 thoughts on “A New Decade Begins!

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  1. My goals are pretty simple… I’m going to hope for another 6,000/8,000 mile year (outdoors/overall). I’m going to do a good job for work, and I’m going to enjoy my family… a macro look, for sure, but I don’t see the need to get to micro about anything. Enjoy attaining your goals, man.

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  2. Nice. My main one is a metric century (100km) ride each month. Hopefully hit 8000km for the year (not overly fussed if I don’t though) and just enjoy each time I get to swing a leg over the top tube! 😆

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