My 100th Blog Post

I can’t believe it! I started this blog just over a year ago and it’s still here, still going strong and I’m still loving it. There have been a few times where my enthusiasm may have dropped slightly, but it hasn’t failed completely and now I’m writing my 100th blog post.

I feel very proud to have come this far. It is something that I wasn’t sure about, to begin with, and I’m sure I’m not the only one to wonder what would happen a few weeks or months down the line. I still remember the very first post I wrote, uploading it to my newly created website and asking my family and friends, people on WordPress and whoever else would read it for feedback.

The feedback I got was fantastic. It made me think that I could make this work. More importantly, it showed that my passion for all things cycling related was portrayed through my writing. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing every word on each blog post. I have lots of things planned for the future and I really can’t wait to share them with you.

Of course, this blog wouldn’t be here without the support of everyone who has followed it, read individual posts or even just looked at some of the pictures. Thank you very much for keeping me going and encouraging me to continue writing.

Anyone wishing to keep up with the latest updates of this blog please feel free to follow or subscribe by email.

It just goes to show what hard work, a bit of perseverance and a whole load of luck can do. Long may it continue and I can’t wait for the journey and to see where Life Behind Bars goes.

Until next time.



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