Summer Riding

Who doesn’t love riding in the bright sunshine and the warmer temperatures? I know I do. Any excuse to get out on the bike in shorts and a jersey and I’m there. In fact, I used to say hotter the better until I went out for a 70 odd mile ride in 30 °C heat.

It was a few weekends ago and I saw the weather forecast and saw that it would be getting close to 30 °C heat here in the UK. Fantastic, I will get in a nice long ride and enjoy the lovely weather. With my route planned, my bike ready and the sun cream applied (I am sensible sometimes) I set off. Granted, it was a little later than planned but never mind.

20190629_120333The wind was low and the sun was high, perfect conditions for cycling. The only thing in the back of my mind was to stay hydrated. I had two bottles on my bike, one with energy drink and the other with fruit squash. I find that too much energy drink and my stomach starts to feel a bit funny. I had numerous sports bars, gels and even some oaty flapjack type thing with me too.

About halfway into my ride, I was feeling good, really enjoying the weather. The bike was running nicely and my legs were still feeling fresh. I was trying to be careful with my drinks as I needed to drink enough to not become dehydrated but still have some left for the rest of the journey. I have to admit I didn’t quite get it right and I was running a tad low.

With 10 miles to go, I stopped off outside a café to have a sit-down and to give myself a break. It wasn’t the first time on this ride and I can confirm it wasn’t the last either. I saw a few of my friends walking past and had a quick chat with them. They were off to get ice creams which seemed like the sensible thing to do on a day like this. As I was running low on liquids, I went inside and asked if they could fill one of my bottles with cold water. The lady behind the counter asked if I wanted some ice in there too. Music to my ears!

20190629_133738Once back on the bike, partially recovered and now armed with ice-cold water, I set off on the last 10 miles. They weren’t the easiest but I kept telling myself that it was only 10 miles and it wasn’t long until I was back home, sat in the kitchen with a pint of cold water trying desperately to cool down. I was half tempted just to pour it over my head!

I have to doff my cap to the professionals! They do more than twice the distance I’ve done in temperatures higher than 30 °C and then do it all again the next day for weeks on end. I may also have to revise my previous statement of ‘the hotter the better’. As much as I love to enjoy the sunshine and higher temperatures, I think there are times when it’s just too hot to cycle. I can’t believe I’ve just said that.

Still, after the ride I was happy and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Until next time,




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