The Devil’s In The Details

My last post was about building up my new S-Works frame. I mention that I love building my own bikes, it makes them just that little bit more special and gives them a more personal touch. All of my bikes have their intricate details that I love and I think that’s what makes them feel like my own.


The colour of my S-Works frame is a special one in its own right. It’s called Chameleon and it changes colour depending on the light and which direction you’re looking at it. If you’re looking at it from the front it’s a lovely rich blue, however, if you look at it from the back the colour changes to a deep purple. The sunshine makes it look even better and really make the colours pop.

All of my bikes tend to be a combination of 3 colours, for example, both my hardtail and track bike are red, white and black and my full sus is blue, orange and black. Thanks to the paint scheme, my new road bike is purple, blue, black with a hint of orange. I wanted a colour that would contrast with the purple and blue and break it up a little bit, but I didn’t want to go wild. Hence the title of this article.

I had some spare orange cable ends that I originally bought for my full sus. I fitted them to all of the cables and the colour worked well. Very well in fact, but they were a little bit lost, a little too subtle. I then bought some Hope wheel skewers in orange and fitted them. Perfect! Still subtle but noticeable and they give it a more personal touch as they won’t have been fitted as standard. I’m very happy with how the bike looks. Although I have considered getting the wheel rebuilt onto orange Hope Hubs. Watch this space.

As I mentioned earlier, I love making my bikes as personal to me as I can. It makes them unique and mine. I’m sure there are lots of people who think that it’s a bit odd but at the end of the day, They’re my bikes.

Do you customise your bikes in any way?

Until next time.




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