The S-Works Build

I love building bikes. Especially my own, it gives them a more personal touch. After building up my new S-Works frame this will be the fifth bike I have built myself for myself.

The plan was to use all of the bits and pieces from my old road bike and port them across to my new frame. There was something quite reassuring in the sense that the frames are the same design and that, in theory, I wouldn’t have any compatibility issues. That didn’t mean I didn’t do my research and I made sure that I knew each part would work/fit onto the new frame. Plus, I’d never actually built a road bike from scratch before.

20190310_142912As with most things, you can do all of the research in the world, know exactly which bit goes where and how it’s going to fit. But there is always a curveball thrown in your direction at some point. For me, with this build, it was regarding the cables. They’re all internally routed and I’d worked out how they are integrated by reverse engineering my old road bike. No problems there. My issue was where the outer cables met the frame. Unfortunately, I was missing a piece. Now I was going to just ‘borrow’ the piece from my old frame but then thought that the person buying my old frame once I’d put it up for sale would have the same issue. Luckily a trip to the Specialized Concept Store and they were able to provide me with the missing part. Phew… I can carry on with the rest of the build.

I’d say it took me the best part of an afternoon to get it all built up. I took the time to remove components, clean them properly using my parts washer and fit them to the new frame. The most difficult thing was the front mech. It took me ages to get it in the right position so that the chain wouldn’t catch. The rest of the stuff was fairly easy.

The only other thing I had to buy was a new chain as I’d decided to add in a power link so that it could be removed more easily for cleaning. The only issue with that was I’d removed one too many links from my old chain and therefore made it a tad too short. Oops! Oh well, it wasn’t long before the new chain was on, the correct length and with a power link.

A final bolt check, a few setup tweaks and my new S-Works was all built up and ready for its first ride.


It looks fantastic and I am so pleased with how it has turned out. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was late by the time I had finished I would be out riding it now. I really can’t wait.

Until next time.




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