An Active Recovery Session

I know, I was confused too… It was back in January when I was attempting to cycle 10 miles each day as a challenge. I wanted to try and carry on piling up the miles as much as I could after completing it. But I wasn’t sure of the best way.

I was then told about active recovery sessions; a bit of time spent on the bike where I could just take it easy. Spin my legs but reduce the amount of effort while on the bike.

I had never really considered this before, but it made sense. It meant that I could keep my legs spinning, increasing the miles, and also giving my body a little bit of a chance to recover for the more vigorous training rides.

I decided that I’d have a go. I sat down and worked out the best way to incorporate it into my training plan. Throughout the week, I would have a few days of pushing hard, either by increasing the milage or my speed. Couple this with a few easy days, or active recovery sessions, and then several days complete rest. I suspect this will take a bit of getting used to…

So far it’s going quite well, I’ve found that I still need a few more days off the bike than planned, but I’m sure over time my body will become stronger and the active recovery sessions will increase. So too, will the proper training sessions… Hopefully.

Have you ever incorporated active recovery sessions into your training?

Until next time.




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