The Weekend Ride: Caunton

Some very pretty scenery around a place when we don’t ride often enough. We set out from Will’s after a few text messages the night before organising where we’d ride. We both agreed that we were slightly bored or riding the same roads. The issue was that we didn’t normally have time to go further afield. Time to break out a map, well… Strava.

We had a quick look at some of the stored routes we both had. Will found one that went north towards Caunton. From memory we both recalled the ride having some very nice, scenic country roads. We weren’t wrong.

Off we went, with the usual moans as we forced our legs to push the pedals. The route started with an incline and kept on going. Either, we were feeling better than we thought or we had a very helpful tailwind pushing us along and before we knew it we’d already done 12 miles.

We followed the Garmin’s instruction as we meandered along the narrow, winding country roads, not recognising where we were at all. This was quite a pleasant feeling. Not having to worry or think about where we had to turn next, but also not seeing the usual, every ride scenery. Instead, we enjoyed the roads, views and each others company.

20190302_120151As this was still one of the first few rides Will had done on his new bike, the topic of conversation quickly turned to that. Will was loving his new stead. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to keep up when he feels like putting the power down. Still, there were a few hills that slow him down so I had a chance to catch up.

Towards the end, we were cycling along roads that were a bit more familiar to us when Will had spotted something. He looked at me and said quietly that there was a group of riders gaining on us. Without saying anything to each other, we started to put the power down and increase our speed. I wonder if this is what it feels like to see the peloton catching up?

It was hopeless. It wasn’t long before we were caught and suddenly surrounded by loads of other cyclists. They were a chatty bunch, out enjoying the good weather, just like us. It’s very easy to strike up a conversation when you’re all out doing something you love. We stayed with them until they went off in a different direction. I still enjoy how effortless it is to ride in a group.

At the next junction, the group went straight on as we took the road to the right and headed back to where we started. Overall, a good ride. Pleasant weather and good fun towards the end trying to outrun a group of cyclists.

Have you been riding this weekend?

Until next time.




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