The Orange Gets Some Upgrades

This bike has a very special place in my heart. However, it has definitely been neglected over the last year or so; It doesn’t get ridden as much as it used to. I bought the frame and built it up with spare parts I had at the time and used it throughout my time at university. I was going to sell it afterwards, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I know, it sounds silly.

Every time I ride my hardtail I’m surprised at how well it rides. I should get out on it more often. There have been a few upgrades that I’ve really been wanting to do and I’ve finally decided that it was time to at least make a start on that list.

One of the things that I found difficult when riding my hardtail was the lack of a dropper post. In order for a dropper post to be installed, I needed to convert the bike to have a 1 by drive train first. This is because the only option I had, to make use of a dropper, was to use the cable routing that was originally designed for the front mech.

So, in order to get a dropper post on the bike, I needed to remove the front mech. In order to remove the front mech, I needed to get a narrow, wide chainring. Some things just aren’t as simple. Josh, very kindly lent me a Hope narrow, wide chainring he had kicking around. Let the fun begin.

20190209_161750I’d managed to track down a dropper post that fit my frame; there weren’t many that fit a 27.2 seat tube. Plus it wasn’t that expensive either. Bonus. It was also externally routed which was needed as my hardtail frame was designed back in 2009 when dropper posts, as we know them today, didn’t exist and it didn’t have internal routing.

I set about sorting out the drive train and eventually got round to the dropper post. I set the correct saddle height as that would determine the amount of outer cable I would need. Luckily I was able to cut down and re-use the existing outers from the front mech that I’d just removed.

I ran the inner cable from the seatpost to the handlebars and fitted the remote lever. I got the tension right so there was no slack when operating the lever, cut the cable and hid the end neatly behind the lever.

Obviously, I had to have a go to make sure that it worked. I bit of fun around the garden and up and down the street. I loved it and it was like I had a new bike. I can’t wait to try it out on the trails.

What upgrades have your bikes had?

Until next time.




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4 thoughts on “The Orange Gets Some Upgrades

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  1. thanks for sharing Jack. I havent built my own bike yet however Im certain that if I did it would have more value to me than my other bikes. I have 2 bikes at the moment, my hardtail and my road bike. Both bikes are special and have had many upgrades or modifications. My MTB Hardtail holds a lot more personal value since it is the bike that got me started, Ive ridden 6 full centuries on it so far. My road bike Ive taken out a lot of places and honestly, I dont think i’d ever let go of either. Im rambling lol. Have an epic day my friend and thanks for sharing, see ya next post.

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    1. I find that a bike always means more to me if I’ve built it, or put some time into it. I’ve built most of my bikes front scratch and I love doing it. Looking forward to writing my next one.

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