Where Has The Nice Weather Gone?​

Waking up and discovering there is snow on the ground, 25 mph gusts of wind and temperatures around 1°C is not quite what I expect at the beginning of March.

It certainly doesn’t help the motivation to try and get out on the bike either. I would like to say that we braved the weather and just went out anyway. I’m not that brave and I think both Josh and I were waiting for the other would say “let’s not go out”. Neither of us waited…

I debated whether or not I was a fair weather rider in a previous post. I like to think of myself as sensible. After all, I cycle because I enjoy doing it. However, it’s definitely not fun if you’re barely moving against a strong headwind. Plus the wind was quite bitter.

Instead, we sat in a warm house, had a lovely cup of coffee and a few Jaffa Cakes. After Josh had left, I used the opportunity to tinker with my road bike. As it wasn’t being ridden I figured that I should at least clean it up a bit. I also needed to go out to a bike shop to get some new bar tape and a brake cable.

As the day continued, I was very pleased with our decision not to go out. The weather got worse and worse. One downside of cycling being an outdoor sport. I definitely need to get back to the track soon but for now, a session on the rollers will have to do.

Did anyone brave the weather this weekend?

Until next time.




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