Discovering a Bodge Job

You have to be slightly prepared when you buy a second-hand bike. Or second-hand anything for that matter. You never fully know what has happened or what work has been carried out before you get your hands on it.

I’ve had a few second-hand bikes and components over the years and I’m starting to become less surprised by some of the things I’ve seen. The latest bodge job I’ve seen was from my track bike. I bought it second hand, but the chap who had it before me clearly took a few short cuts.

20190303_104122I’ve recently changed the wheels and upon removing the tyres from the original wheels, I discovered the best rim tape bodge job. The rim tape had clearly failed and the previous owner seemed to have decided not to bother buying some new rim tape for about £5 but just tape over the gaps with what looks like electrical tape.

I mean, I’m partly impressed, it’s obviously worked quite well because I’ve not had any issues with the tyres or with punctures. When I pulled off the tyre on the other wheel it showed a different rim tape altogether. I think this has been repaired in the past, badly I might add, and then a second quick fix was then applied.

Either way, it made me laugh and I had to take a picture and write something about it.

What was the last bodge job you discovered on a bike?

Until next time.




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