It’s Warming Up

Finally! We are definitely on the edge of winter and nearly into spring. The evenings are getting lighter; I’m now able to go to and from work without turning my car headlights on. Ok, bad analogy, I don’t turn them on, my car does it for me. But still.

The temperature is increasing too! Over the last few days, it’s been around 15 °C! It almost feels like summer is here. Especially after the cold, dark horrible winter, we’ve had. Granted, today wasn’t the best day in the world but the days earlier this week were very nice.

What does that mean for a cyclist? Well, many things actually. It means we consider not putting as many layers on when we go for a ride. The other day, I went out with just a base layer, bib tights and a long sleeve jersey on. During one ride I even ditched the gloves, and I never ride without gloves!

As well as us reducing the layers, so do the bikes. The lighter, faster wheels come out to play. Mudguards are removed. And the lights that cluttered up the handlebars come off; making for a cleaner looking cockpit. Or if you’re lucky enough to have a summer and winter bike, maybe the summer bike starts to make an appearance and the winter bike gets a rest?

It also means that because the evenings are starting to get lighter, we’re thinking about heading out after work on an early evening or late afternoon ride. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite made it to this bit yet, I still get home a little too late. But, it won’t be long before it happens and I’m thoroughly looking forward to it!

Are you looking forward to the lighter evenings and warmer days?

Until next time.




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