Overshoes Are So Underrated

One of the best things I have ever invested in, other than waterproof socks, is overshoes. Especially for when the temperature drops.

For a long time, I’d never bothered with overshoes, until I started going out for longer rides in cooler temperatures. Don’t get me wrong, these weren’t freezing temperatures, I don’t do those on the road bike, but it was definitely cold enough to get to my toes.

Once my feet started to get cold, and no amount of wriggling my toes could rectify the problem, I went shopping for some. The situation wasn’t helped by the fact that my road shoes have plenty of ventilation to keep my feet cool. Great in the summer; not so much in winter.

The first set I bought were ones that were waterproof and windproof. But they weren’t so thick that my feet would boil to death. They were, however, a pain to get on. They were the right size but there were so many places on my cycling shoes that the material could get caught. Once I’d got them on though, they fit nicely.

My first ride out with them on and what a difference. I didn’t notice them over the top of my shoes much, apart from when I looked down. But they certainly took the edge off the cold. I went for a 30-mile ride, got back and my feet were warm and dry. Best £20 I’d ever spent.

Needless to say, since then I’ve bought a few more pairs. Some of them are a little bit lighter for autumn riding when it’s not as cold. If you’ve not tried them and you suffer from cold feel while cycling, I would highly recommend them.

What was your underrated investment?

Until next time.




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