The Weekend Ride: A Café Run

My favourite type of ride. It happened completely by accident and we didn’t plan on heading for a coffee. Although, from now, I think that should always be the plan.

Josh and I decided that we would go for a ride. The weather was bright, chilly but the sun was out. I headed over to Josh’s house early in the morning after Josh texted me stating that he’d finally managed to get the route onto his Garmin. I think he was having problems with it.

We set off. As usual, I was layered up, I think I had 3 long sleeve layers on. The weather was lovely but cold. Josh, on the other hand, was dressed in shorts and a jersey. Crazy fool.

The ride was one that Josh had originally done before. It was a good length loop which headed over to Belvoir Castle and back again. It was roughly a 30-mile ride. We started heading out of Newton and headed toward Car Colston. We had to use a section of the busy main road before ducking off towards some very picturesque villages with narrow, twisty country roads. After that, the roads were lovely and quiet.

DCIM100GOPROG0060285.The route was great, there were a few times it included what looked more like a footpath than a road. There may have also been a wrong turn or, more to the point, a missed turn. Josh’s Garmin was determined to send us down the canal. Luckily, there was a small road that ran along the canal just a little way back.

After the road turned away from the canal, it started to climb through a row of trees and headed up toward Belvoir Castle. Josh said there was a café at the Castle car park. That particular one was closed. But there was another one on the other side of the road, called The Fuel Tank. Great name for a café! We decided that we’d grab a coffee and something to eat. At this point, we were both feeling quite hungry, plus it was fairly close to lunch time.

We left our bikes in the bike racks along with the other cyclists who’d clearly had the same idea as us and headed over to a table outside. It was sunny after all. Sitting outside also meant that we could keep an eye on the bikes. A short break, cup of coffee and a sausage roll later and we were feeling better, well, one of us was. Josh was starting to feel a little bit chilly.

We headed out of the car park, turn right back onto the road, down the hill. Good start to the rest of the ride. The castle was about halfway along the ride. What goes up, must go down. The 15 miles back was mainly downhill which was great. We went through a number of quiet little villages, past a house that someone had turned one of their garden bushes into a giant peacock. Each to their own I suppose.

After a while, Josh warmed back up and the miles flew by. By the time we got back, it was time for another cup of coffee. It would be rude to say no.

Where did you ride this weekend?

Until next time,




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