First Ride

Will’s got his new bike! A Specialized Tarmac. It didn’t take long for him to fall in love with it. About 3 laps of the car park to be precise.

We played around with the saddle height and position for a little bit to make sure he was happy and comfortable. Nothing worse than being uncomfortable on a long ride. Even though it was only around a car park it gave him an idea to improve his position. I said that we could play around more on a ride later.

Obviously, after picking up the bike we’d planned on going out for a ride. How could we not? Firstly, Will had a new bike and that meant it needed to be ridden. Secondly, it was a glorious day, the sun was shining, it was quite mild and there wasn’t much wind.

We got back to mine after picking Will’s bike up, unpacked the car and I had a little spin on his new steed, it would have been rude not to. Will quickly headed back to his home to collect his stuff from his old bike. We joked and said that he should have brought it with him in the first place. I used the time to quickly check over my bike and make sure it was running smoothly.

It wasn’t long before we were out in the sunshine. We decided that we’d just head down to the river and back. It’s just over 15 miles and would give Will a chance to get used to his bike and to make any adjustments needed. By the time we reached the end of my road, he had an ear to his grin. Heading out of Calverton, quite quickly I might add… I think I might struggle to keep up with Will now.

We headed along on one of our favourite rides, just before the river I asked Will how the setup was, and he mentioned that he needed to change the position of the saddle slightly. We pulled over at the car park next to the river and I helped him to adjust his saddle. We also took the obligatory pictures. You can’t go on a ride on a wonderful sunny afternoon and not take pictures, especially with a new bike.

We carried on, starting to head back the way we came, making a couple of adjustments every so often as Will worked out what was comfortable and what wasn’t. Once we were back we were both happy, smiling and knackered. We’d only gone 17 miles, but that was enough for the day. I think Will is very happy with his new bike!

Can you beat that new bike feeling?

Until next time.




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  1. Total rookie question: how do you go about finding great trails to ride? My family is getting into *very* low-level trail riding and am not sure where we would be welcomed in our awkwardness!

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    1. The easiest way to find trails is to find something like forestry commission websites which tell you about different trails and what sort of ability you should have before attempting them. For example one of the areas where I ride, Sherwood Pines, is owned and maintained by the forest commission, they also recommend other places that you can visit. Hope that helps.


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