Bike Shopping

No, unfortunately, it’s not for me. My friend Will has decided that he fancied a new bike. Last week was less riding and more looking.

We decided that we’d go at the weekend and start looking at some different bikes. Obviously, Will had done some looking beforehand, sensible really. He had a rough idea of what he wanted and a rough budget that he’d set.

There are a few bike shops in and around Nottingham. Some were better than others. We’d decided that we’d start the day off by going to the Specialized Concept Store. Never a bad place to start and somewhere where I used to work; gave me a chance to say hello to the guys.

We got there, it was busy. I suppose it was a Saturday. We started looking around, Will did have a bike in mind that he wanted to have a look at. Oddly enough, it was a Specialized. However, that didn’t stop both of us from making a beeline to the S-Works wall. Complete and utter bike porn.

After a bit of drooling over the bikes that we really couldn’t afford, we spoke to a chap who helped Will with the correct frame size that he would need. He then set about sorting out a test ride for him. The test ride was only around the car park or so, but at least it gave an idea of what the bike was like to ride. Will went out and after a few loops of the car park, and some quick adjustments on the saddle and handlebars from the guy helping, he was grinning from ear to ear.

We went back inside and started to look for the one that Will had seen earlier on the internet. Unfortunately, they didn’t have it in stock, it was over in Birmingham. We thanked the chap for his help and went back to the car, umming and arming about whether to travel to Birmingham to see this bike. We decided against it and that we’d check out a few of the other bike stores first.

We headed to Evans Cycles to see what sort of range they had there. To be perfectly honest, it was quite disappointing. Their road bike range in store consisted of about 10 bikes. None of which was in the price range that Will was looking at. Nor did any of them interest him. We then walked down the road to Cycle Republic. They had more of a selection, but nothing that really jumped out.

Both Will and I headed back to the car, sat there and started looking at Specialized Tarmacs again. There was one that, surprise surprise, was just above will price range that he liked the look of and we could see that they had one in the store. Que the trip back to the Specialized Concept Store.

The chap behind the counter, who served us earlier, saw us and smiled. Back again. We saw the bike in the lineup, but it was the wrong size. A quick conversation, with a different person in the store, and we discovered that the correct size was in a box and needed to be built. A few details and a deposit later, the bike should be ready for Will to have a look at this weekend. Guess what I’m doing today.

Does anyone else really enjoy bike shopping?

Until next time.




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11 thoughts on “Bike Shopping

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  1. I recently had taken my bike back to the shop where I had purchased it, 34 years ago! They still sell the same brand and it’s still owned by the same guy! Simple tune up and frame check time. While there, I test rode a few models of interest. What was surprising, they asked for my license and with that, gave me free rein to ride wherever for as long as I wanted! Local bike shops need to be supported more here in the states. We tend to just buy off our cells for convenience and miss the service, knowledge and people.

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    1. That’s great that they let you test ride lots of different bikes like that. I definitely agree that you need someone with the knowledge of the bikes, components and accessories they’re selling!

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  2. I like bike shopping and I like browsing in the bike store. I usually find lots of things I didn’t know I wanted. Currently, my idea is to get a Garmin mount with a bell on the underside. Also, a light that can go between the Garmin mount and the Garmin.

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