The Weekend Ride: Sherwood Pines

I know, back here again, but it’s definitely an easy place to go, especially at short notice. Well, I say short notice, I got a text from Josh staying that we should go out to pines but on the hardtails.

Something we haven’t done in a while. Especially as the bike was sitting in the garage without brakes. Well, it had brakes, they just didn’t work. We made the decision around 9 am with the aim of getting to Sherwood Pines by half past 10. So, I had just over an hour to sort the bike out.

We met up in the car park in our usual spot. I opened the car door gingerly, looking at Josh stating that it was far too cold to be doing this. We set the bikes up, layered up and set off. This was going to be an interesting ride.

The ground was fairly solid and a little bit icy in places, it certainly makes it more fun when riding a hardtail. Speaking of which, riding a hardtail is very different to riding a full suspension bike. More often than not, I opt for the full sus and so I’m much more used to the bike bouncing in the middle as well as at the front.

It took a few miles to get used the bike and the fact that when you roll over a bump the bike doesn’t absorb it. I was being bounced around and it was very uncomfortable. Still, a little bit later and I’d adjusted my riding style.

Once I’d done that, the hardtail started to make sense and I began to remember why I loved this bike. Carrying on along the red route, also known as the Kitchener trail, the trail started to add snow to the challenges. It starts to look very pretty.

We got to the main decent of the trail, I got off the bike and lowered the saddle, it doesn’t yet have a dropper post. It’s not the most hardcore hardtail but it definitely knows how to descend on the trails. Que the smile on my face!

For the rest of the ride, I started to enjoy the bike and marvel in how easily it pedalled. I’m used to having to work a little bit harder but the hardtail made even the most boring parts of the trail easy.

Towards the end of the trail, Josh asked if he could have a go on my hardtail. I was worried that I wouldn’t get it back as he was having too much fun. We made it back to the car park and reluctantly he gave it back.

This ride has just made me fall in love with my hardtail again, and I just want to get back out on it. I may even have a quick look at what upgrades I can get.

Where have you been riding this weekend?

Until next time.




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  1. I would have liked to elsewhere the route more but liked the okay by play. Not being a trail or mountain biker I don’t recall ever owning a bike with shocks. Maybe once but it didn’t work well. It might be necessary for my back as I age, though! I ride to an art show and to do a short job. Cold and a little wet. Should do the trail today but it’s a free Showtime weekend so….

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