When It’s Really Time To Listen To Your Body

Rest days are good! My previous post was about mind over matter and talking about how, even though you feel tired, you manage to push through.

However, sometimes you really need to listen to your body. It’s all very well and good going flat out for as long as possible. But sometimes the body just needs a break. In a well-rounded training plan, rest days should also be included.

It was great fun attempting to cycle 10 miles every day, however, after about 2 weeks of it, I was getting signals from my body saying that it was ready for a rest. Rest days, give your body and your muscles a chance to recover. A lot of people forget about recovery, thinking that if they’re just sat on the sofa doing nothing then their body is missing out.

Granted, sometimes that is the case. You do actually have to do the exercise as well. I still remember essentially ‘hitting the wall’ and one morning my body just went ‘no’. I had just finished a training session on the rollers the evening before; I felt great afterwards. When I woke the next morning my body didn’t want to move, I definitely needed some recovery time.

I only had a few days to go before the end of January and I’d have kicked myself if I’d have given up then. I managed to carry on, not necessarily at the pace I was going before. I was clearly tired, my legs didn’t have much to give when I tried to sprint. I would get to about 30 mph but wasn’t able to sustain it.

I think February’s training will be slightly different. Not quite sure what yet, but I think I’ll include some rest days. Besides, who doesn’t like chilling out in front of the TV or watching a good film from time to time?

Has your body ever told you it needs a break?

Until next time.




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7 thoughts on “When It’s Really Time To Listen To Your Body

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  1. I needed rest more, earlier in cycling. After six years I hardly needed a day off. I would go an entire month riding every day. My trick was using active recovery days between my hard days. I can only remember a few days where I really felt tired all last year. You’re right, though…. when you really feel it like that, you have to heed the warning.

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  2. Great point and I’ve written about it too. I just listed about my 44 day streak being broken. And I still didn’t sleep enough! Also I’m aware that I gripe frequently about being tired. Yet the goal suffers when I take my foot off the pedal(s). But it’s a free Showtime.weekend, a buddy’s coming over to help me pack, it’s cold and grey, so maybe more.rest is in order and I can make up the miles when it’s warmer and hopefully I get a lighter bike. Keep on!

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