Mind Over Matter

The challenge between what your mind is telling you to do and what your body will let you do. Sometimes it’s good to let the mind win, other times not so much.

This time, it’s about the mind winning. Throughout my January challenge, there were a few times that I could have easily not bothered getting on the bike and cycling my target of 10 miles. Even my body was screaming at me.

I kept going. And I’m pleased I did. I kept thinking about the fact that I’d set myself the challenge and what would be the point if I just gave up at the first hurdle. I did have to tell myself this a few times but it was certainly a good boost.

Once I’d gotten my leg over the bike and began to spin my legs I remembered why I do it. My mind started to relax and started to think about all sorts, including what I can write about on my blog. Just like this post.

I always feel better mentally after a ride on the bike, no matter how long or short. Even if I am physically tired.

When was the last time you convinced yourself to keep going?

Until next time.




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