The Return of the Rollers… Summary

Challenge completed! I can’t believe I’ve done it. At 7 AM on the 31st of January, my Garmin ticked over to 10 miles.

My mind went through so many stages. First of all, thank goodness that’s over. Secondly, I’ve actually managed to do it and I’ve stuck to it regardless of how I felt. Speaking of how I felt; I was knackered!

The last couple of days were the worst. It wasn’t like I was crawling along each day unable to use my legs, but I did start to feel them become tired and start to tighten up. I would push down on the pedals and there wouldn’t be much there. I could still carry on at a reasonable pace but there wasn’t any sprinting happening any time soon.

Still, I’m quite proud of myself for carrying on and managing to cycle at least 10 miles each day. Plus it means that my Strava now looks very healthy and I’m just under 100 miles ahead of the pace for my target of the year.

After cycling each day for most of January, it’s left me wanting to ride more, not necessarily every day, but I find myself wanting to get on the bike. The cold weather isn’t helping. I guess I’ll just have to learn to ride in less than perfect weather.

Having a challenge to keep me going through January has started me thinking that I should have a challenge for February too. The question is what should I do?

How did your January challenge go?

Until next time.




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2 thoughts on “The Return of the Rollers… Summary

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  1. Way to go, Jack! Goals are useful to a point. You don’t want to lose the enjoyment. I rode every day in Jan, most of them 10-12 miles (all outdoors), so that keeps me in the hunt for a bigger year total. But I’m also pretty tied, going slower than I did and want to, and not doing so many long rides. I think rest days are important. But without a car than means walking to, waiting and paying for the bus(es). That’s not happening I less I’m super tired or it’s really bad weather. In the southern US we do get cold and wet weather but far less than the north and UK. Anyway, keep on pedaling. Consider speed, elevation and enjoyment as other goals.

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