A Challenge Within A Challenge

When one challenge just isn’t enough… About halfway through January, I decided that I would attempt to cycle 10 miles every day until the end of the month. My previous post was an update on how that was going.

One evening I was doing my daily 10 miles on the rollers inside a nice warm house. It’s far too cold to go outside at the moment. I started with my usual routine, slowly warming up my legs, listening to a good beat in my ears.

My speed slowly started to increase to a nice steady 20-22 mph. Throughout a session on the rollers, I tend to do short bursts of speed to mix things up a bit. The first time, around 2 miles or so, I reached around 28 mph. I slowed back down to a steady pace, which was still higher than before.

I was feeling quite good and thought instead of just seeing if I could reach over 30 mph, I wondered if I could go over 30 mph but for one mile. So, around the fourth mile, I ramped up the speed and concentrated on keeping it up for a mile. Oddly enough, it didn’t take long for that mile to disappear.

Maybe I could keep it up for 2 miles then? I applied the same logic as the miles continued to rack up and disappear very quickly. I got to mile 6 and thought, I wonder if I can do this until the end. I kept a close watch on my Garmin, mainly at the speed, to make sure I didn’t drop below 30 mph. But also at the distance, breaking it down into manageable chunks.

It wasn’t long before I was at mile 9 and I only had 1 mile to go. Soon enough mile 10 was there and I slowed my pace down. I can tell you, by the end, I was knackered and dripping with sweat. One downside of having no wind to keep you cool. That was certainly the fastest 10 miles I’d done on a bike before.

It certainly wasn’t necessary but I always like to push myself and see what I can do. Quite often it’s a surprise. Even if the challenges are small, pointless and no-one cares. I enjoy it.

Have you ever set yourself a challenge within a challenge?

Until next time.




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