What Keeps Your Motivation Up High?

This time of year, or winter in general, it’s definitely more challenging to stay away from the warm beds, roaring fires and days in front of the TV. I know I struggle.

It certainly makes it harder when you look out of the window and it’s dark, gloomy and wet. It definitely doesn’t help if you can see the trees swaying in a strong wind. Opening the door to check the temperature and it’s freezing and you know that you won’t be able to feel your toes, fingers or nose by the time you start, let alone get back in.

That doesn’t really make me want to jump out of bed and get straight out on the bike. As much as I’d love to pretend I’ll go out on the bike in any weather, I know I don’t. Although, having said that, I will if it’s on the mountain bike. But, it does have to be planned.

On the road bike, definitely not. I don’t mind a nice fresh, crisp winter ride. But, like all sensible people, I have my limits.

A couple of my previous posts were about cycling indoors, setting up the bike on the rollers or turbo trainer. However, even if you’ve got your bike set up, you still need something to make you want to get on it and start pedalling.

Some of the time, it can just be a yearning to get on the bike. This might seem like a strange idea to some, but for us cyclists, it’s a natural feeling. I’ve always said, if you look at your bike and you don’t want to ride it, then you’ve bought the wrong bike. I still stand by that today.

Other times, you might have a goal in mind. I like to have several; one long term, such as a total number of miles for the year, one mid-term, where I’m planning on cycling for charity and one short term. I’m currently challenging myself to ride 10 miles a day for the rest of January. Update about that is coming soon.

Other things that keep my motivation up is my fitness; I like to try and keep my fitness up through the winter. If I can improve on it then that’s a bonus. Cycling also keeps me happy. If I’ve had a bad day or I’m feeling grumpy, as soon as I’ve been on the bike I always feel so much better.

At the end of the day, it’s something that I enjoy doing. After all, that’s why I cycle.

What keeps you motivated to keep cycling?

Until next time.




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