Our Winter Bike Room

In my previous post, I mentioned that the Rollers are back out and that I’ve set myself a challenge of riding 10 miles each day. Over the Winter months, we tend to get both of our bikes set up indoors.

At the back of our house, there is a small room off the kitchen which becomes our indoor bike room. Mine is on the left, set up with the rollers and my wife’s bike is set up on the turbo trainer next to mine.

This room is usually our dining room, but during this time of year, that changes. We set the bikes up so that we can just jump on them at any point. That way, we don’t have to worry about setting them up every time we want to use them. I always find that I’m less inclined to go do a training session if the bike isn’t ready and waiting. It sounds daft I know, but it’s just how my brain seems to work.

Still, in order to do this, the house gets a little bit of a move around. We have to move the table and chairs into the kitchen; which does make it a little cramped. I did try to set the bikes up around the table, but it didn’t work and there wasn’t enough space. I joked that we needed to build an extension so that we could have a permanent bike/training room. I don’t think the feeling was mutual.

Still, I’m not complaining, it’s worth disrupting the furniture for a couple of months for the ease of being able to train, or simply just spin my legs when the weather is cold and miserable.

And the best part… it was my wife’s idea.

Does anyone else make room in their house for their bikes over winter?

Until next time.




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  1. We have a long livingroom, if memory serves, more than 24′, so we set the bikes up at the very back of the livingroom pointing at the TV so we can watch movies and pedal away.

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  2. I’m in the club! I’ve got my mountain bike (extremely noisy, maybe I’ll get round to changing the tyre soon) installed in our bedroom (a big room) with a laptop in front of it so that I can watch television documentaries (with earphones because of the noise) 😉

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