The Return of the Rollers

When the weather is horrid outside but you still want to put some miles under your belt. Bring the bike indoors. I have two options when it comes to cycling indoors, three if you count the track. However, that takes a lot more time than the other two. I have a turbo trainer and a set of rollers.

The turbo is great for ploughing through the miles. It’s also great for power training given that you can increase the resistance with a push of a lever. The problem I find with the turbo trainer is that it can be quite boring as the bike is held up by the trainer.

Rollers, on the other hand, are the opposite. There isn’t much, if any, resistance but you do have to concentrate on balancing. Plus you don’t have to worry about getting a specific tyre to handle the heat against the flywheel, you can simply use the bike as you would normally.

I haven’t managed to do much indoor training so far this winter. I also haven’t ridden my track bike in a while. Time to kill two birds with one stone. It sounds daft but I actually quite enjoy going on the rollers. plus riding my track bike is great fun. I think some upgrades are needed soon.

Now that I have the rollers set up, I plan to use them more often. In fact, I’ve given myself a challenge for the rest of January. I am going to attempt to do a minimum of ten miles each and every day. The idea has come from one of my work colleagues. He’s currently doing something called RED January where he has to run every day for the entirety of January.

Let’s see if I can do something similar. Granted, I only have half a month left, but at least it’ll help towards both my training for my 100-mile ride and getting a good start on my 1500 mile target for the year.

Have you ever given yourself a challenge?

Until next time.




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      1. Zwift with a smart trainer is pretty ace. I started off on Zwift using my rollers and a powermeter. It wasn’t ideal, but it worked (just had to simulate “climbs” by selecting a harder gear).

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