Picture or Personal Best?

So, here’s the scenario. You’re out and about on the bike. You’re feeling good. The weather is great. You’re enjoying a lovely cycle along a country road where you know there is a Strava segment. But, at the same time, you notice a fantastic photo opportunity with a fantastic view that could only be improved by adding your bike. What do you do?

Go for the PB? Or stop and take the photo. I know this is a really random question and the reason why I’m writing about it is that the other day I was out cycling and I had to face the exact dilemma.

20181110_124847.jpgThey have recently re-surfaced the road around a little village called Epperstone. It’s a single track road, out in the countryside. It’s not usually very busy and up until now, the road surface was terrible. When we cycled on it we used to know the exact place to put your tyres to make it as reasonable as possible. Quite often, that involved cycling in the middle of the road.

Now though, it’s a lovely smooth stretch of tarmac that you can fly down without even trying. Time to go for that Strava segment. Except that, because this little strip of road is in the middle of the countryside, it’s surrounded by some very picturesque scenery. Hence, the dilemma of going for the Strava segment, or taking a wonderfully pretty photo.

This time, I decided on the photo. Or photos. You can never have enough. Especially when you write a blog about cycling. Plus, I like taking photos. I’m sure I’ll go back and attempt to get a personal best on that section of road. It doesn’t take me very long to get to it and it’s usually included on my usual route, or it will be now given that it’s possible the smoothest section of road around where I live.

Has anyone else had this decision to make?

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3 thoughts on “Picture or Personal Best?

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  1. I had this choice (sort of) flying down a 30km descent- The views were stunning, but the speed was intoxicating…
    I stopped to take some pictures. I worried also that I would get going too fast and crash–as one person in the group did (slightly).
    In your case, with brand new tarmac, I probably would have went for the speed, and then gone back and taken pictures. The tarmac won’t last forever.


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