First Few Miles of 2019

Wow! It’s really cold! Yes, I was crazy enough last weekend to go for a quick ride. When I say quick, I don’t mean fast, I mean we decided that around an hour was long enough to be cycling; and we decided that while we were on the ride.

It was the first ride of 2019, as the title of this blog post suggests, we knew we weren’t going to be doing too many miles. Got to take it steady while burning off all of the food eaten during the Christmas period. But it was still good to get out.

Fresh is probably the nicest way I could describe the weather. In fact, there were even snippets of blue skies. For all intents and purposes, it was a nice day to go out for a ride. We set off from Will’s house. Not yet knowing which way to go. We’d at least managed to make our minds up about going left onto the main road. However, this didn’t give us much time before we needed to make another decision at the crossroads up ahead. Straight on, straight up a hill. Right, another hill. Left, a gentle downhill.

Oddly enough, we took the left turn. We decided that, as this was the first ride in a while, we would take it a little bit easy and head down to the river. one of our usual routes. Now with a clear idea of where we’re going, we set about dusting the off the cobwebs and spinning our legs. Another right and a left turn and we found our rhythm. We started chatting away as we always do.

The miles began to increase and our legs were spinning more freely. However, we couldn’t help but notice the temperature. I was wearing two pairs of socks and a pair of overshoes and I still couldn’t feel my toes. We made the executive decision that we’d cut the ride short and began working out in our heads which would be the easiest and shortest way back.

By the end of the ride, we’d only covered about 18 miles but that was enough as far as we were concerned. We got back in the house and were pleased that the heating was still on. Ok so not a great start to the year on the bike, but at least we managed to get some miles on the clock. Let’s hope the rest of 2019 isn’t as cold.

How were your first miles of 2019?

Until next time




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