A Cyclists Christmas

Hopefully, everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the new year.

I have to admit, I love Christmas. Not just because of the presents but because of the whole thing. The getting together with family and friends. Eating and drinking far too much. It’s the one time of year that you can just relax and enjoy.

Speaking of presents, there is always that one person who you have no idea what to buy. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that I’m that person in my family. However, there is a very simple solution. I’m a cyclist, I love most, if not all, things cycling. Plus I’d never say no to another bike. My wife is very much aware of the n+1 rule.

I feel very lucky to be interested in more than one variation of cycling, however, with that comes the issue of having all of the relevant gear. That soon starts to become very expensive, especially when things need replacing.

Throughout the beginning of the year, I began to have a bit of a clear out of my cycling kit(s), both mountain and road. Somethings would last a little bit longer, others definitely needed throwing away and some had no choice, especially after my crash and I ripped through the jersey I was wearing at the time.

Cue the Christmas list. Most of the time this gets ignored because what I’ve asked for is ‘boring’ and my family would rather buy me ‘exciting stuff’. Although I have to say, this year everyone hit the nail on the head. I got plenty of new bits of cycling kit, for both mountain biking and road cycling and a book on How To Ride A Bike by Chris Hoy; which is, so far, a really good read.

A great excuse to use what I’ve learnt, wear my new kit and get out on my bikes. It’s sad, but I still get excited about any and all things cycling. My brother-in-law and his better half bought me some orange Hope jockey wheels for my birthday for my mountain bike. I thought these were the best thing ever; technically they’re just small, orange cogs but they look really cool. I’d better get round to fitting them actually.

My point is, no matter what, I think I’m right in saying that most cyclists still get excited about being bought anything remotely cycling-ish. Yes, I did just make that word up.

Did you get any cycling themed Christmas presents?

Until next time.




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