Winter is Coming…

You can tell winter is on its way, the nights are drawing in, temperatures are dropping and rain won’t stop falling. Don’t get me wrong, I love autumn and winter. When it’s cold, wet and miserable outside and you’re inside all snuggled up on the sofa with a roaring fire going. Perfect.

But that’s the problem. That scenario doesn’t include a bike or riding outside. I suppose it could include a bike if you brought it inside to join you next to the fire. Ok, this is a little bit weird now.

Summer has been, come and gone. Although looking back, it was a lovely summer and one of the best we’ve had here in the UK for a long time. I wouldn’t have complained if it had carried on. Nothing beats cycling in the lovely warm sun. Plus I could work on my cyclists tan. But, alas we’re now entering the slightly chillier months, the leaves are now falling with ease and I’m wearing jackets and bib tights instead of jerseys and shorts.

That’s the other issue with winter. What to wear? when it’s summer, you can be sure that going out in a short sleeve jersey and bib shorts is all you need and you’ll be fine (mostly). In winter you have to work out if you need one, two, three or four layers in order to stay warm while out on the bike. How many pairs of socks to wear, is it cold enough to warrant overshoes? Far too many questions have to be answered before getting on the bike. It’s a standard discussion I have with Will before starting a road ride.

Not only is the temperature dropping, but the days are shorter and that means less time to ride during the day. I don’t tend to do all day rides but it does put a time constraint on them unless you have all of the proper night riding gear. There have been a few times that I’ve been out riding in the Peak District and we’ve realised that we wouldn’t have enough light to complete the ride. The Garmin earned its money that day, successfully navigating us back to the car via the quickest route.

Still, it could be worse, I’m still out riding after all. I just have to do a little bit more forward thinking before a ride. Maybe I’ll dust my lights off and start night riding again. That will open up a whole new world.

What are other peoples challenges with getting the miles under your belt during winter?

Until next time.




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