Charity Ride: The Ride

Hopefully, many of you will have seen that I will be taking part in my longest sportive ever and to celebrate it I shall be raising money for charity.

I thought I would let you guys know a few more details of the ride that will be causing my legs to cycle for 100 miles. The ride will take place in and around North Yorkshire. I’ve never ridden around there before so I’m looking forward to the challenge, to the new area and attacking some hills. It’s also nice to have a target for next year.

The ride is going to be just over 100 miles long and starts in a small market town called Thirsk and heads north through the Vale of Mowbray. Hopefully, along the way, it’ll allow me to see the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Especially as around mile 30 the climbing starts. Is it sad that I’m looking forward to all of the climbing as much as the ride itself?

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 20.21.43

There will be a total of over 5600 feet of climbing. I believe I’m right in thinking that this will also be the most I’ve climbed in one go as well as the furthest distance I’ve completed.

The Epic route, which is what I’m attempting to do, will also be heading into the Yorkshire Dales, and the route skirts the edge of Leighton Reservoir at which point the real climbing begins heading straight for Ouster Bank trig point. I suspect this will be the most challenging part, but also quite rewarding for some of the views. Don’t worry, I’ll take some photos to show everyone afterwards.

At least towards the end of the ride, or certainly for the last 10 miles, it is going to be a little bit easier. Mind you, I certainly don’t plan to do this ride flat out all the way. I just have to keep up with Will.

Right, I’d better start training.

Has anyone else got a challenge their aiming for?

Until next time.




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