When You Just Feel Good On A Ride

Have you ever been on a ride and just felt great? You’re not tried, more than happy to carry on. Your legs seemed to be well oiled and spinning nicely. You’re not even put off by the weather.

I’ve had a few of those rides recently and loved every minute. Even on the hills. I didn’t feel like I was particularly pushing it and yet, I was still getting reasonable times on Strava segments and keeping a reasonable average speed.

It’s even better when you look forward to a ride, even with the colder months now we and truly upon us, I still can’t wait for the weekend to come around so that I can spend a good chunk of it on two wheels.

As I mentioned earlier, the last couple of rides, I have been feeling really good, the latest one was at Sherwood Pines. I’ve recently been having difficulty getting my legs to spin with ease on the mountain bike but the last ride was sublime. I have no idea if I was any quicker than usual, probably not, but I didn’t seem to be struggling and I was enjoying the flow of the trail and grinning from ear to ear.

Have you ever had this feeling? 

Until next time.




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