The Weekend Ride: Newton

How quickly can you decide on which bike you’re going to ride, where you’re going to ride, plan the route and go? Turns out, reasonably quickly.

Sunday morning, about 7 am. I glanced at my phone and noticed a Whatsapp message from Josh. We’d talked about going for a ride up at the local trail centre but we hadn’t confirmed the time. I checked the message and he said that he hadn’t got time for a mountain bike ride, but wondered I fancied a quick road ride? Not going to say no to that.

The challenge was to find a route around the area of Newton that was about an hour long, bearing in mind that Josh doesn’t do much road riding and was worried about keeping up a relatively high pace. For some reason, he thinks that I can cycle fast. Anyway, I decided that I would get up and have a quick look at Strava, and relatively quickly, I came up with a route that was about 14 miles long. Perfect for a gentle Sunday morning wobble.

With the bike in the car, the route saved on to my Garmin and me suited and booted in lycra, I headed off to meet Josh. We’ll ignore the fact that it was chucking it down. The good old British weather not letting me down. Luckily when I arrived, the rain had stopped, ish… there wasn’t much of a breeze and we set off. After a cup of coffee.

The ride was really good, despite being planned within five minutes and the weather held out. We essentially did a figure of eight along some narrow country roads and through some pleasant villages and towns that neither of us had ridden before. We also managed to avoid the big dual carriageway and other main roads.

The pace was good and by the end of it, we’d averaged just under 17 mph. Even with a few climbs. I was slightly envious of Josh’s bike, mainly because it had mudguard fitted which meant that all of the standing water and puddles on the road weren’t bothering him. I should probably invest in some so I don’t get as wet when riding through puddles. It might also make me ride in less than perfect conditions on the road bike more often.

We carried on, having a good natter along the way. Something that you can do a lot more easily on a road bike than you can a mountain bike. By the time we got back to the start, both of us were just about ready for a sit-down and another cup of coffee. Que the kettle.

It wasn’t the ride I was expecting but I still had fun. And, as an added bonus I did a few more miles than I would have done on the mountain bike. Slowly getting closer and closer to my target for the year.

Where have you been riding this weekend?

Until next time.




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