The Weekend Ride: Sherwood Pines

Old reliable. When I need a quick ride or just a bit of fun I visit my closet trail centre. It’s not the best, or the most technical and there certainly aren’t that many down hills. But, it’s great for a blast and to put a smile on my face.

The weather wasn’t bad, it wasn’t raining, or very cold. In fact, it wasn’t long into the ride that I was taking my jacket off and putting it away in my rucksack. To be fair that usually happens, I always think I’m going to get cold, but on a mountain bike ride, I tend to warm up quite quickly.

I usually ride with my brother-in-law when it comes to mountain biking. It used to be he was keeping up with me, now I think it’s closer to the other way around these days. Never mind, I won’t tell him that or his head won’t fit in the car. We met in the car park in the usual place and decided that we would just take it steady. A nice gentle ride along the red route. Sounded perfect for a Sunday morning.

We got to the start and I took the lead, the problem is the first section of the red trail is quite good fun, especially when you attack it with speed. So, naturally, the idea of gentle went out of my head… Oops… Oh well, it was good fun and it instantly put a smile on my face. I’m fairly sure I heard Josh behind me reminding me that we were supposed to be taking it easy.

We got to the end of the first section, both smiling and knackered. We carried on, a little more sedately after that. We rode along the trail, enjoying the orange and brown scenery around us, swooping left and right as the trail did. We stopped occasionally to take the obligatory photo, reduce the number of layers and take on fluids.

Sherwood Pines Kitchener Trail has sections of trail that are clearly segregated from one another by a fire road of some form of clearing. Normally, we stop at most of them as we allow our legs to take a breather. This time we kept going along the trail and connecting it all together, while it was tiring it was great fun and we both concluded that our fitness must be improving. The only time we were overtaken while on the move was by riders on E-Bikes. Part of me really hates them for that, but the other part really wants to have a go.

We got to the section where there are just berms after berms, actually a great bit of trail, if slightly worn. This then leads up towards the main descent of the Kitchener Trail. This section is really good fun and you can get some serious speed and if you’re brave enough, plenty of air. At the start, we caught up with 3 other riders. We decided to hang back, as while they looked confident riders we didn’t want to come rushing up behind them, ruining both ours and their fun on the main descent.

Usually, we end up playing around on the jumps and the downhill section and then heading back to the car. This time we decided to continue with the remaining trail. It’s quite a fun bit of trail, with a few short descents and some laborious climbs, but it keeps it interesting. It’s not long before we’re back at the car park with the suggestion of having a quick coffee to end the ride. We’ll ignore the fact that I forgot my wallet, by accident I might add, and so Josh had to pay for this round. Don’t worry Josh, I’ll get the next one.

Where have you been riding this weekend?

Until next time.




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