The Puncture That Wasn’t A Puncture

I know, I’m just as confused as you are. If you read my Weekend Ride post a few weeks ago, you’ll know that just before completing the ride I had a puncture in my front wheel. Well, I thought that was the case. It was certainly flat and I was riding on the rim of the wheel instead of air-filled rubber.

Because the wheels, I’ve been running recently, are deep section ones I needed an inner tube with a longer valve than the ones I normally use, and typically, I didn’t have a spare. Off to the bike shop I go. Always a dangerous trip, as I’m sure you can understand.

Amazingly, it didn’t take me long to get in and out with the appropriate inner tube, oh and some more Muc Off. See I told you it’s always dangerous when I visit a bike shop. Anyway, I got back home, desperate to get out on my bike.

I went into the garage to grab the bike and fix the front wheel. I took the wheel off, removed the tyre, with a little force, and decided that, before replacing the inner tube, I should double check where the hole in the original one was. Plus it meant that I could work out roughly where whatever caused the puncture in the first place was in the tyre.

I started to pump, expecting to hear a whooshing noise as air escaped from the hole. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I checked the outside and inside of the tyre. Nope, nothing obvious there either. Hmmm, now I’m definitely confused because it was as flat as a pancake during the last ride.

One last test. I put everything back together, inner tube and tyre back on the wheel and started to pump the tyre up. I kept an eye on the pressure gauge expecting it to start going down. Apart from the usual movement of the needle when pumping it stayed where it was. I’d only put 40 psi in. I continued to increase the pressure up to the usual 90 psi. The tyre popped, quite loudly, into place and I left the pump attached for 5 minutes while I got other bits and pieces ready.

I came back and it was still holding pressure. How odd. Oh well, I figured that I now, at least, have a spare inner tube that will actually fit these wheels. I went on my ride, fully equipped with a pump, tyre levers and the new inner tube expecting to be at the side of the road with the same “puncture” like last time.

Amazingly, everything was fine. I enjoyed my Saturday ride, got back home and the tyre was still inflated. Bonus.

Has anyone else had something like this happen to them?

Until next time.




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    1. They do indeed, I may have a look at that. If it’s gone down again and it’s just a really, really slow puncture I’ll do the bucket of water trick. Thanks! They’re lovely to ride, they should really be hibernating but I like them too much lol.

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