Tips and Tricks to Keep Riding Through Autumn

Just keep going… If only it was that easy. As the weather starts to turn and the temperature drops. It can become less enticing to head out the door.

I’m sure that everyone has their own methods of getting the miles in during the colder months. I thought I’d share some of the methods I use. Hopefully, they might be able to help you too.

Get out and ride
This is definitely easier said than done, however, sometimes you just have to get out and ride. Even if it’s just for a short time around the block, at least you’re out and putting miles into your legs. Half of the battle is mental and looking outside at the cold, wet weather and thinking you’d much rather stay inside by the fire. This option is a little tough as you have to want to do it, otherwise, you’ll more than likely not going to enjoy riding your bike. 

Setup the Turbo Trainer
One of the easiest ways to keep adding on the miles is to get on the turbo trainer or rollers if you prefer. You can stay inside where it’s warm and cosy. You can rack up the miles quite quickly and you can even enjoy a TV show while you’re doing it. There is a slight downside that it can be quite noisy and a little tedious. One thing that can help with that is using something like Zwift. I admit that is a little on the costly side of things, but it’s good fun and does make cycling indoors a little more exciting.

Get out with other people
This is basically a great way to take your mind off the cold, wet weather. If you’ve got a friend or know like-minded folk to have a good natter with while riding it can be the difference between going out for a ride or not. Plus, it’s always good fun to have a good chat with someone who enjoys the same things as you. It’s very rare that I go out for a longer ride without someone else. Plus riding with someone is always more fun than by yourself even if you don’t talk.

Go somewhere different
I didn’t really think about this one until recently. But when you know the roads you know exactly what’s to come and how much further you have before you can jump in a hot bath after the ride. If you go somewhere completely different, you’re more interested in enjoying the scenery and relishing the new challenges that are thrown your way as you discover the roads or tracks you come across. You don’t have to go that further afield either, just somewhere where you haven’t ridden before or for a while. Recently I went for a ride around Belvoir Castle, which is only a 30-minute drive from where I live, but I’ve never ridden around there. The weather wasn’t great but I didn’t seem to mind it as much.

Imagine the beautiful photo opportunities
Autumn does produce some amazing colours when the trees start to turn and lose their leaves. When the sun shines the colours really pop. This one is probably more of a personal one but you have to admit that some photos taken during the autumn months look incredible. You can then share them with family, friends and like-minded cyclists. After all, a ride isn’t complete without several photos.

Do you have any other tips and tricks for getting out in the Autumn months?

Until next time.



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