The Weekend Ride: Belvoir Castle

Welcome to the new weekend series. This will hopefully work in two ways. It will give me the kick I need to get out and ride most, if not all, weekends. And it’ll give you something entertaining to read as I talk about my rides.

There will also be an update to the Life Behind Bars website, meaning these should be easily accessible. I hope you enjoy.

This weekend, we’d planned to go a little further afield than we normally do. Except for this time, I’m not talking about miles. Although, having said that we did or were certainly planning on doing a little more than usual. It’ll all become clear further on.

Will and I decided that we’d go for a road ride around Belvoir Castle, it’s about a 30 minute drive away and the area is full of country roads. Perfect. We’d gotten very lucky with the weather too. It was lovely and sunny, a tad on the chilly side but nothing a few extra layers couldn’t sort out.

When we arrived at the car park next to the castle, we got out and immediately encountered a rather strong breeze of about 19 mph. The downside of starting at a castle on a hilltop. Oh well, it’s somewhere new, and at least it wasn’t raining. Once we’d gotten over the fact that it was quite windy and a little cold, we got moving and started to get warm. The few hills right at the start helped with that.

The views along the way were incredible and more than made up for the wind and hills. Regardless of where we were, we could always see a fantastic view of the countryside stretching for miles and miles. And, if we couldn’t see that particular view, we were more than likely making our way through a charming little village. There were a few times we considered stopping at a pub.

The total number of miles was supposed to be about 28, but around mile 24, things other than the road started to go downhill. I turned onto a small single track road after yelling at Will that he’d missed the turning. I slowed down to let him catch up and thought to myself that turning the front wheel seemed a little more difficult than normal. I didn’t think much of it until Will had caught up with me and we started the press on.

The front of the bike didn’t feel quite right. I looked down at my tyre and said, well, I won’t repeat what I said but it wasn’t good news. My front tyre was slowly deflating. At that point, I was still riding on the tyre rather than the wheel and it still had a little bit of air in it. I decided that I would carry on slowly and try to nurse the bike back to the car. Typically, I didn’t have a spare inner tube or a pump with me. Not a great move.

Unfortunately, 2 miles from the car the tyre gave up completely. Suddenly I could feel every bump my front wheel rolled over. Not what you want on a carbon wheel. Luckily, Will very kindly offered to carry on back to the car park and collect the car. How thoughtful of him. Anyway, not quite the ride I had in mind, but still, good fun to ride somewhere different for a change.

Where did you ride this weekend?

Until next time.


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