Autumn Riding

This time of year can be really nice to get out and go for a ride. Whether that be on the mountain or road bike. Ok, so the temperature has dipped slightly but the sun is still shining (mostly) and certainly these last few days the air has been crisp and fresh.

It can also be a little tricky when it comes to keeping warm. Numerous times, I’ve looked outside and it’s lovely and sunny with blue skies. It makes me want to jump on the bike and go. But as soon as I get outside I just want to run back inside, sit by the fire or soak in a hot bath. Especially after the nice long, hot summer, we’ve just had.

I’ve had a few rides where I’ve overdressed slightly but then I’d rather be too hot than too cold. Especially when out on the road bike where before you know it, you’ve lost all heat from your body and are struggling to get warm again.

20181021_143106Mountain biking is my go-to type of riding this time of the year. In a weird way, it’s also one of my favourite times. Coming off the back of summer, the ground is still relatively dry, but the leaves are starting to fall, making it a little more slippy than normal. There may also be a hint of rain in the air as well, which adds to the excitement. It makes for some amazing rides, especially in the woods and out in the Peak District. Plus it creates some fantastic photo opportunities. Because let’s face it, you have to take pictures when out on any ride.

Unfortunately, it’s also the time when there is a little more mud than usual and you can’t just come off a ride and place the bike back in the shed or garage without giving it a little bit of a clean. Well, you could, but then you’d have to sort it out before your next ride, which as we’ve established can ruin your enthusiasm for going out in the first place. Plus, it’s usually more difficult to get all of the grime and muck off once it’s had a chance to dry.

Does anyone have a favourite time of year to ride?

Until next time.



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