When Cycling Is More Than Just A Hobby

Everybody has different things in life that they find important. For me, riding bikes has always been towards the top of the list. Ever since I first learnt how to ride on two wheels without stabilisers, cycling has been part of my life in one way or another.

I mentioned in my last post that I recently had one of the biggest days of my life and become a married man. And although the riding and the blog had to take a bit of a back seat, that didn’t mean bike related stuff had stopped completely.

My wife and I (still feels really cool to be able to say that) wanted our wedding to reflect us and what we love. Naturally, some form of cycling related things had to be included. The main thing, as you’ve probably worked out from the picture above, was to do with the cake. We wanted something that was fairly light-hearted but still personal to us. My wife came across a woman in Italy who made personalised cake toppers.

Obviously, we got in contact and asked if she could do something with a bike, for me, and a horse, for Haz. She said that it was no problem and in order for her to get a better idea, she asked if we could send her some pictures. So naturally, I chose a couple of photos of my favourite bike, my Santa Cruz Bronson.

Once she had completed the cake topper, she sent us a picture to see if we were happy with it. Don’t worry I didn’t see all of it before the wedding as it shows the dress. We couldn’t quite believe the detail that she’d gone to. It was incredible! It looked even better in person and it’s something for us to keep as a memento from the day.

20181025_202943.jpgThe other bike related bits and bobs we’re a tad more subtle than the cake topper. I took the opportunity to have some bike shaped cuff links and I almost had a pocket square with tiny bikes all over it. Alas, it didn’t quite go with the suit or colour scheme (apparently). I even managed to get something about cycling and bikes into my speech. I’m sure most people just rolled their eyes but I was happy.

Does anyone else take cycling too far?

Until next time.




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