​Lack of Riding

Having a bit of a break every now and then can be a good thing, at least that’s what I tell myself when I’ve not been on the bike for a while. Now, I’ll be honest as much as I love riding bikes there are some occasions where I end up not riding at all. This could be for a number of reasons.

Sometimes I’m just feeling lazy and can’t be bothered, I know, that’s terrible. But I am only human and sometimes I lose enthusiasm, especially when the weather starts to turn cold, wet and miserable. Unfortunately living in the UK that tends to happen pretty quickly once September comes around.

Another reason is the bike(s). Yes, I’m blaming it all on my bikes, well sort of. Have you ever decided that you’re going out for a ride and then remembered that your bikes are in bits? Yep, I’ve done that numerous times. I wanted to go out the other day for a quick blast and remembered that my full suspension mountain bike was part way through a full service which I’d not yet had the chance to finish and my hardtail needs new brakes. It certainly ruins the mood for a ride.

This next one is definitely a ‘nice problem to have’, and that is when you can’t decide which type of riding you want to do or can’t decide on which bike to ride. I know, it sounds daft but by the time I’ve weighed up all the options such as if I go on my road bike, how far do I go? Do I really want to go out in the cold? If it’s my mountain bike, where do I go? Do I have enough time to pack everything up, get there and go for a ride before it gets too late? I’ve run out of time for a ride anyway. Like I said, it’s a nice problem to have but I still have moments of being indecisive.

I’ve touched on this reason already but the weather is also a big factor. Some of you will know I’m verging on the edge of being a fair weather rider. But do I really want to be riding my road bike in the pouring rain or freezing temperatures? Not really. I consider myself to just be sensible instead of insane.

There are definitely some drawbacks to not riding. One being my fitness levels dip. Not ideal, as it takes longer to bring them back up than it does to lose them. The other is my mood, cycling is a great stress buster and I’m always in a better, higher spirited mood once I’ve been on a ride.

Right, I think it’s time for me to get back out on my bike.

Until next time.


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  1. I’m fortunate in that, for me, everything is road bike. After that, I only choose the other bikes if someone else wants to take the mountain or gravel bike… Good problems to have, brother.

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