To GoPro or Not?

No, I’m not talking about going professional. That would be too easy. I’m talking about whether to film your ride or not.

Recently I went out to the edge of Wales on the mountain bike and took my GoPro with me. I haven’t used it in a while, not since we visited Style Cop over in Cannock back at the beginning of the year.

A lot of the time I don’t tend to take it out with me, mainly because I’m visiting the same place and the ride is either a quick blast or a bit of a last minute decision. I also find that it can sometimes be a little bit of a hassle setting it all up and making sure you’ve got all of the necessary accessories and mounts. Not to mention buying them all in the first place. If, however, if the ride has been planned for a while; I’ll take the opportunity to get the GoPro out and try and film something.

20180121_113513I say try; I’m still not 100% sure the best position for the camera, and with most things like filming, taking pictures etc… you learn by doing and trying different things and positions. The ride before last I secured the GoPro on top of my helmet and got some good footage, you definitely get close to the riders point of view. Other times I have mounted it to a tree branch to get footage of me riding my bike.

The last ride I did, however, I had a go at using the chest mount. I wanted to try and get a little bit more of a view of the bike and the handlebars; it also means you don’t have extra weight on your helmet. I was a little worried that, being attached to my chest, the camera would get in the way. But actually, the chest mount was very comfortable and once we got going I didn’t really notice it when riding.

Now there were a few issues. Well not issues as such, it was learning how not to do it. The first time I used the chest strap I attached the camera the right way up, which looked fine when I was standing on my feet and not riding a bike. On review of the footage after the ride, I had basically filmed my top tube. I know I wanted more of the bike in the videos, but not quite that much. The next time I placed the camera upside down which allowed me to position it so that when I was riding and lent over slightly, it would still point forwards. The outcome was better, but it was still pointing down a little too much.

Because of the terrain that we were riding in Wales, it was extremely bumpy and rocky. Unfortunately, this meant the camera was shaking just as much as I was. And this is where filming your ride starts to get expensive. Not only do you have to buy the camera in the first place (and they aren’t cheap) you have to buy numerous mounts and then in order to get nice smooth footage, you have to buy something called a Gimbal which allows the camera to stay in the same place even when you’re being shaken left, right and centre.

Anyway, the next time I try and use my GoPro, hopefully, I’ll get the angle right and maybe I’ll have saved up enough money to buy one of these Gimbals. I’ll look like a professional in no time.

Until next time.


4 thoughts on “To GoPro or Not?

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  1. I have been wanting to film my rides for a while now, but can’t really justify buying the camera. I was planning on getting a Sony Actioncam…but like all things, plans are just plans until you actually do them.

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  2. I’ve got a GoPro that I bought to film some holidays. I don’t use it on the bike much, I find road cycling looks pretty boring 99% of the time. MTB is much more interesting when filmed. Filmed some motorcycle stuff which looked okay (hide the speedo, hehe).

    I’d love a gimbal though!

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