Bike Stuff

Every cyclist collects bike stuff. That is just a simple fact. The odd component here and there, a pair of shorts you don’t use but can’t throw away. Tyres for bikes you don’t even own anymore. Ok, that last one might be a little extreme.

I didn’t realise how much of a ‘bike stuff’ collector I was until I needed to clear out some space in the garage to make room for more, err, bike stuff… I basically had boxes and drawers filled with spare components and random bits of bobs like cleats or spare spokes for wheels that I don’t have anymore. At one point I had 3 road saddles in one drawer at a time I only had 1 road bike. Although one of them did come in useful when I bought my track bike.

20170114_154402.jpgI have a slightly bad habit of upgrading various components on my bikes. Just before I sold my last full suspension mountain bike I think the only original bit of it was the frame. I’d even replaced/upgraded the suspension, both front and rear. New wheels, new drivetrain, the works. It was a beautiful bike and if it wasn’t for the frame giving up, I’m sure I’d still have it.

My problem, however, wasn’t that I liked to upgrade components, everyone does that once in a while. No, my problem was the fact that I couldn’t throw old stuff away. After all, it may come in useful later down the line. If I got a new bike frame I could potentially use the older components and save some money by not having to buy new ones. That didn’t always work as ‘standards’ in the bike industry aren’t very, well, standard.

I think at one point, along with the 3 road saddles, I had about 4 different stems in a range of sizes and for different disciplines. In fact, I think I still have a few of them. Sometimes you forget about the extra components you have. When I was clearing out the last box of cycling stuff I had in the garage, I came across a plastic bag that contained an entire groupset. Brakes, shifters, mechs, the lot. It was like I’d struck gold, plus it brought back fond memories of the bike they were originally from.

Eventually I had a brutal clear out and most of the bike stuff that I wasn’t using I either binned or sold them. On the plus side, It now means I have some more space and a bit of extra cash to buy some new stuff.

Until next time.


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