Stress Buster

Cycling is good for you. No, I’ll re-phrase that, cycling is great for you. Everyone suffers from stress every now and then. It could be work, day to day life, or you just need a break from everything. I’m sure we can all relate in one way or another.

For me, cycling is one of my favourite ways to clear my head. If I’ve had a particularly stressful time at work or I’m just simply having a bad day, I can grab my bike, be it road or mountain, and just ride. Obviously not forgetting to press start on my Garmin.

Today was one of those days. It’s not been a bad day, I’ve just had a long week and I needed to go and spin my legs. This time around, I managed to get back out on my mountain bike properly and enjoy some dry and dusty trails. Perfection! I’ll talk a little bit more about that in another article.

I love the feeling you get, or at least I get, from doing exercise; it’s like a drug. It makes me feel calm and relaxed and all of my worries fade away. It doesn’t matter how easy or hard what I’m doing is, I always come away from it with a smile and generally feeling happier. Even when I crashed I was still smiling and laughing on the way home; mainly at myself.

I sometimes find that getting yourself to go and do something initially, like cycling, can be more difficult when you’re tired, fed up and stressed. Before riding this afternoon I was more than happy to sit on the sofa and watch Netflix, stuffing my face with chocolate. Actually, that does sound like quite a good idea. Luckily my future brother-in-law was up for a ride despite his hangover and encouraged me it was a good idea. I’m sure I should have been the one encouraging him. Either way, doing something you enjoy with other like-minded people is always much more fun and you’re more likely to go and do it.

I am so glad I managed to get out and ride this afternoon. I now feel ten times better than before, my mood has improved greatly, and oddly, I don’t feel as lethargic. I’m sure that’ll change around 8 pm this evening when my body decides it’s time for some sleep. But for now, I’ll enjoy the extra energy and go and cook some dinner.

Until next time.


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