Looking the Part

I’m sure I fall into the category of all the gear, no idea… but it puts a smile on my face so who really cares. I didn’t use to worry about having matching kit. That is until I worked in a bike shop, and especially when I bought my first road bike.

I think that having everything matching is more important on a road bike, but then again I’ve still seen people riding blue bikes with shocking pink and orange outfits. Each to their own. Anyhow, back before I worked in a bike shop I use to only ride a mountain bike and I use to do it in normal clothes. Normal, casual t-shirt and some heavy shorts. I might have worn a proper cycling Jersey, but I can’t remember. I definitely didn’t have padded shorts!


After getting a job at Evans Cycles, everything changed. I learnt all about the ‘proper kit’. Oh, and how expensive cycling really was. I discovered how and why people wore proper cycle clothing, for one, it was so much lighter and more breathable than normal clothing which, in turn, made it easier when cycling longer distances. I began to use padded shorts. Lifesaver. Learnt the valuable lesson of chamois cream the hard way.

I then learnt about people wearing matching cycling attire. When looking at the different items and wondering which one to go for, I was asked by one of my colleagues at the time what colour my bike was. He jokily said that it had to match my bike. Since then I’ve used that rule when looking for a new jersey or pair of bib shorts, gloves and even socks.

Things got worse once I’d decided to take the plunge and buy a road bike. On a mountain bike, you can get away with not matching as much. However, on the road bike, there was definitely more emphasis on having colour coordinated cycling kit. To be fair, if you look at the professionals, they are all wearing kit that matches their bikes. Luckily my first road bike was white, red and black, a fairly easy combination to find relevant coloured clothing.

The next level of cycling kit conversation I had was a few years later and it was about sock length. I know, how odd. Even so, I can still remember it to this day and every time I put some socks on I debate if they are the right length. Sad isn’t it? I still don’t know what the ‘fashionable’ length is, but I used to start off with ankle socks, and I’ve now I’m pretty much wearing full-length socks.

To this day, I still ask the question to myself or any friend looking to buy some new cycling kit. What colour is the bike? It’s daft I know, but that’s just how it is in the cycling world.

Until next time.


6 thoughts on “Looking the Part

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  1. I’m all for matching kit that looks sharp. The one gripe I have is with sock length, I am not a fan of this modern long socks in flashy designs fad. I prefer shorter socks that expose more of my finely tuned calf muscle to the sun! 😉

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    1. Agreed… with the sock length flap. Truthfully, I don’t know what gives with the six or seven inch socks. More ludicrous tan-line maybe?

      Anyway, I’m a 4″ or 5″ max guy.

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