Chased By Horses

Last weekend I had the really peculiar experience of being chased by horses. Not literally, I don’t think I’d upset them that much. Although apparently one of them did think that the clicking of my freewheel was the electric fencing.

My fiancé rides her horse almost every day and every so often I’d join her when she goes on a hack, on my bike. This was also the perfect opportunity to get out on my mountain bike for the first time since my crash. It felt so good, even if there weren’t any mountains to fall down.

It was just a simple ride around the block, perfect. As usual, I did have to wait a little bit for them to get themselves and the horses suited and booted. But that was a good excuse to play around on the bike a little bit to test the strength of my wrist. Bunny hopping up and down from the grass to the patio. Yep, I’m still a big kid.

Front lawn to wheelie around!

The best bit was their front lawn which has a couple of steps leading up to the grass. So much fun to jump up them and onto the grass. It was also big enough to practice some wheelies and other silly tricks that I think I can do in my head, but probably look a fool when trying to perform them. Still, it puts a smile on my face so I’m not bothered.

As we set off, Haz mentioned that I should stay in front of the horses so they could see me and wouldn’t spook while out on the road. That was fine by me. Until they started to up the pace. I’m not saying I couldn’t keep in front, but the sound of 8 hooves coming from behind you at speed is definitely something I’m not used to.

Normally when I look back to check what’s behind me, I would expect to see either nothing, a car or some more cyclists. Having two horses in your rear view was slightly different. It definitely kept me on my toes. Anyway, we carried on going and I was enjoying not having to practice the slow bicycle race. Apart from the slight downpour halfway through the ride, it was quite pleasant. I was just happy to be back on my mountain bike.

Obviously, this was all recorded on Strava too, can’t miss an opportunity to get those miles recorded.

My wrist still isn’t quite strong enough to be back on the mountain bike and offroad properly, but hopefully, it won’t be too long before it is. I just need to keep doing my strength exercises.

Until next time.


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