Cycling Freebies

Don’t you just love freebies? Especially when they are cycling related! I’ve been lucky enough to be able to attend a few events where you get some fantastic freebies.

The most common place I’ve found is at the end of a sportive or an organised ride. Typically you get a few things, mainly a finishers medal, but I’ve also had relevant t-shirts, the usual cycling socks, maybe a few energy bars or gels, sports bottles and I’ve even had a free razor. That last one was definitely different… still, I’m not going to complain.

IMG_5346I like the medals, in fact, I have started my wall of medals in my man cave and the collection is slowly growing. Sometimes the t-shirts are useful, mainly if I’m doing something sporty or lounging around the house. I don’t think walking around with a load of sponsors or the word ‘Finisher’ written on the back in large letters works in more social situations.

Socks… no one can ever have enough socks, especially when they are cycling related ones. And given the price of them in stores or online, that’s a good £5 – 10 worth you get. Plus it means I can look the part. My most recent pair of free socks was actually from work. Cycle Scheme came to do a promotion of some sorts where they had Zwift setup and if you took part in doing a 200-meter sprint you got a bag of goodies. My winnings included a leaflet, some Specialized cycling socks and a sports bottle. Worth it!

Sports bottles are similar to socks in the sense that you can never have too many of them. Granted, you can run out of space for them, I’m fairly sure we have at least one or two in every room of the house. As such, at least it means when I go for a ride I’m not short of a bottle or two. I just have to find them first.

In short, us cyclist typically never complain about having free cycling related stuff, and I’m sure we all find a use for them eventually. Anyone had any other interesting free cycling goodies?

Until next time.


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