Le Tour de France Jersey’s

I guess technically I should have written this before the Tour De France started, and I’m sure that anyone watching will have worked out what the 4 main different colour jerseys mean by now, but I’d thought I’d do a quick article about it.

This year’s Tour De France has been quite a good one. Some good climbs, mega crashes and of course Geraint Thomas’ epic win! He also held onto the yellow jersey since stage eleven.

Speaking of the yellow jersey or maillot jaune, this is the one that everyone knows about. This jersey is awarded at the end of each of the twenty stages to the rider who is winning overall. So just because a rider won a stage on the Tour de France doesn’t mean he gets the yellow jersey, it is all based on the cumulative time over the course of the previous stages. When a rider is awarded the yellow jersey he wears it during the next stage.

The green jersey or maillot vert! The sprinter’s jersey! On each and every stage points are awarded to the first fifteen riders that cross the line. There are usually two sprints on a stage; one about halfway and one at the finish line. The rider with the most points gets awarded the green jersey and wears it during the next stage

The polka-dot jersey or maillot à pous. This is one of my favourite jerseys from the Tour de France as I like to think of myself as a hill climber and it represents the King of the Mountains. Similar to the green jersey, the red polka-dot jersey goes to the rider who has the most points after completing the categorised climbs within a stage. The King of the Mountain or KoM then wears it during the next stage.

Last but by no means least is the white jersey or maillot blanc. This is basically a junior version of the yellow jersey given to a rider under 26 years old with the lowest overall time. Yep, you guessed it, he then wears it during the next stage.

There are a few other jerseys within the Tour de France such as the rainbow stripes, team classification and most combative rider. I hope, like me, you enjoyed the Tour de France and can’t wait for next years.

Until next time.


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