I’ve been road cycling with a good mate of mine for a while now, nothing serious just going out for rides, some of which have a target and other times we just meet and see how we feel.

Over the last few years, we’ve been taking part in Sportives all around the country and even some outside of it. It sounds more spectacular than it is but my finishers medal collection is slowly growing.

We initially decided to do this to take our cycling to the ‘next level’. It was also something a bit different and it gave us the opportunity to ride in different locations with other like-minded riders with minimal fuss. The downside was that it meant we needed to at least think about trying to train for the distance we’d signed ourselves up for. My previous post was all about how that went recently.

A Sportive isn’t a race or a time trial, it is simply an organised ride which allows all sorts of riders to come together and enjoy taking part in something they love to do. Afterall, you have to be a little odd to travel somewhere to cycle 100 or so miles.

As I mentioned earlier the rides we take part in are organised which does take some of the pressure off when working out which is the best route or if we have taken a wrong turn, especially in an unfamiliar area. Granted it’s not quite the same as the Giro d’Italia or the Tour De France which are all closed roads, so you still have to keep your whites about you while riding.

Luckily, however, these rides are not as long (usually) or as hilly as the professional races and you’re not competing against world-class athletes. Don’t get me wrong, some of the Sportives you can choose to go on are slightly more serious than others such as in the Peak District where you’re more likely to be going up a hill rather than anything else. But there is always plenty of choices depending on the type of rider you are and what you’re looking for.

With my cycling, I find it’s always good to have a couple of targets in mind. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are. It could be trying to achieve a certain distance, trying to beat a KOM or QOM on Strava or just simply to ride more often throughout the week. For me, taking part in Sportives is certainly one of mine and it’s a great feeling crossing the finish line knowing you’ve managed to tick off one of those targets.

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  1. I do the odd Sportive here and there, but I’m usually not a fan. I don’t like paying to ride on open roads or being in such close proximity to 1000’s of other people who I don’t know anything about their group riding ability! I tend to only do them if a bunch of mates are going along too and it’s somewhere interesting. It is good not having to worry about routes and the food stops are often good. I much prefer a longer club ride though.

    That said, I would love to try a fully closed-road event one day!


    1. I agree the amount of money you can spend on entering these events can become a bit silly. It certainly limits the number I tend to enter over the year. I would also love to try a fully closed road. There are options out there, but it can cost quite a bit and it’s a bit of a lottery if you get a space anyway. One day I’ll go for it.

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