Planning A Route

Where to start? Usually with a fresh cup of coffee but I guess it really depends on my mood.

Sometimes I just want to get out and ride, and I’ll make it up as I go along. This attitude usually means that I’ll be on my road bike as it’s the quickest way to feed my addiction to spin my legs and rack up the miles. The only decision that I’ve already made is whether I’m going left or right out of the driveway.

The freedom of being able to make the ride as long or as short as you like at any time makes it all the more enjoyable and who knows, you may stumble upon a road or route that you’ve never done. Obviously, I would recommend doing with a bit of knowledge of the roads so you don’t get completely lost.

Other times I like to take my time, plan the route a couple of days in advanced. Particularly if I want a nice long day in the saddle and want to get more miles in my legs. Strava is an incredible tool for this; especially when coupled with a Garmin computer. On Strava you can create/map a route and it’ll tell you how many miles you’ll cover. You can then save that route to your Garmin and, if it has the capability, it can guide you along your planned route. This is great when you want to go further afield and explore new roads and places.pexels-photo-1005649.jpeg

Sometimes someone has already done the work for you and all you have to do is download the route they have already created. This is great if there is a well-known route that lots of cyclists have done such as Jacobs Ladder or Bakewell Circuit in the Peak District. I just downloaded the route and uploaded it to my Garmin and followed it while cycling.

In short, there are a number of different ways I like to plan a ride. All of them are fun and most of them include a coffee.

Until next time.


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