Road Cycling

It took a bit of convincing for me to get on a road bike as I wasn’t really interested in it. It wasn’t until my second year at university, I was working for Evans Cycles and one of my ‘roadie’ colleagues suggested I try one. It would be rude to pass up an opportunity to ride a bike, so I accepted.

Oh dear… as soon as I’d travelled 20 meters down the road I was hooked and decided that I needed one of these machines. The thing that got to me first was how quickly and effortlessly you can get up to speed without realising it. The second thing was just how light the bike was, being used to mountain bikes, I was used to peddling something a little heavier.

One thing about road cycling though is the lycra. That can be

Enjoy the open road

an interesting experience in itself. Again, before purchasing my first road bike I had never worn lycra and it certainly felt alien to me the first few times of wearing it. Now, though, it’s perfectly normal. Oh, and it all has to match… apparently.

Now, granted, for me, it’s not quite as fun as mountain biking, but to be able to just get out and ride from your front doorstep and cover a fair amount of miles in a short space of time is great. Especially when you just want to go for a ride and not have to think about loading the bike into the car and travelling somewhere first. If you ever get a chance to ride a road bike, go for it.

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  1. My husband and I use mountain bikes fitted with tires that handle all surfaces. We can navigate trails and dirt/rocky mountain roads as well as black-topped roads when on a day ride or a bike-pack trip.

    By the way, not all of us wear cycling clothes that are outfitted as a set. My husband and I, and our friends, are not within that crowd. We are not concerned with fashion. We just want to ride.

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